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Contemporary 9+



41 weeks


About the Course

Contemporary dance for kids is a style of dance that combines elements of modern dance, ballet, and other movement forms to create a unique and expressive movement vocabulary. It is a creative and versatile dance style that allows children to explore their creativity, develop their technique, and express themselves through movement.

Classes often focuses on developing a strong foundation in technique, including body alignment, coordination, strength, and flexibility. It encourages children to move in a fluid and natural way, incorporating both grounded movements and expansive gestures. It also emphasizes musicality, rhythm, and dynamics, allowing children to connect their movements with the music and express emotions through their dancing.

In contemporary dance for kids, choreography often incorporates storytelling or themes that are relatable to children, allowing them to engage with the movement on a deeper level. It encourages individuality and personal expression, giving children the freedom to interpret the movements and add their own unique style.

They typically include warm-up exercises, technique drills, improvisation exercises, and choreography. These classes provide a fun and supportive environment for children to explore their creativity, build strength and coordination, and develop a love for dance.

Your Instructor


Charlène is the head instructor at D/NSE

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