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Adult open classes





About the Course

This is the structure of my class:

1. Warm-up: The class usually begins with a warm-up session to prepare the body for movement. This typically includes stretching exercises to improve flexibility, exercises to increase strength and stamina, and exercises to improve posture and alignment. The warm-up helps prevent injuries and gets the body ready for more dynamic movement.

2. Across the floor: After the warm-up, students often move across the floor to practice specific movements or techniques. This can include exercises like leaps, turns, kicks, and floor work. Moving across the floor helps dancers develop their technique, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness.

3. Choreography: The final part of the class involves learning and practicing choreography. The instructor teaches a specific dance routine or combination of movements to be performed. This can be a group routine or individual work, depending on the class structure. Students learn the choreography, practice it, and refine their execution and performance skills.

In addition to these main components, a dance class may also include cool-down exercises at the end to gradually bring the body back to a resting state and reduce muscle soreness. It is important to note that the specific structure and components of a dance class may vary depending on the instructor, level of the class, and dance style being taught.

Your Instructor


Charlène is the head instructor at D/NSE

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