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DNSE is the word DANSE without the letter A. We aim to help our students move freely without Apprehension, Anxiety, or Anger. We focus on the uplifting and healing power of dance. We welcome people of all ages and abilities to join us and explore the joys of dance. We provide a safe and welcoming space for everyone to express themselves and gain confidence.

At DNSE, we love everybody and everybody is welcome. We believe that dance is for everyone.

It is a powerful tool for physical and mental healing.


Charlene is a former professional dancer and choreographer from the picturesque South of France.

Her journey in dance began in her mother's dance school, a beloved institution that has been a cornerstone of their community for over 40 years. Growing up immersed in the world of dance, Charlene developed a deep passion for the art form that would shape her future. Her talent and dedication led her to perform for renowned artists such as Gloria Gaynor and Ne-Yo, marking her place in the world of professional dance. Driven by her ambitions, Charlene moved to New York City 15 years ago to further her dance career. She embraced the vibrant energy of the city, balancing her roles as a performer, choreographer, and mother of two children. Charlene's journey has not been without its challenges. A major back injury forced her away from the dance studios for several years, a time she feared she might never dance again. Despite not fully recovering, her resilient and creative spirit found new avenues of expression through various jobs. Ultimately, her unwavering love for dance called her back to her first passion. Now, as a self-proclaimed French New Yorker, Charlene blends the best of both worlds. She finds inspiration in the rich culture and stunning landscapes of France, particularly Paris, which she considers the most beautiful city in the world. Her classes, taught in French, reflect her deep love for her heritage and offer a unique cultural experience for her students. Charlene's story is one of resilience, creativity, and an enduring love for dance. She continues to inspire others with her passion, dedication, and the beautiful fusion of French and New York influences in her work.

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