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Dancers in Shadow

At D/NSE, we’re passionate about the power of dance.

Founded in New York by French professional dancer and choreographer Charlène Mérieux in 2010, we’re dedicated to helping students of all ages and skill levels find and develop their rhythm.

Our dance classes are taught in both English and French, so the children (and adults, yes that means you too!) can learn new steps while also learning a new language in a fun and dynamic way.

In French, dance is called "la danse" and there are many different types of dance styles, such as "le ballet" (ballet), "le jazz" (jazz), or "la danse contemporaine" (contemporary dance).

When learning French through dance, students can start by learning basic French dance vocabulary, such as "les pas" (steps), "les mouvements" (movements), and "les chorégraphies" (choreographies).

They can practice speaking French while learning dance steps and movements, which will help them improve their pronunciation and vocabulary.


In addition, students will also listen to French music while dancing, which will help them improve their listening comprehension and understanding of French culture.

Overall, learning French through dance is a fun and effective way to improve their language skills, while also exploring a new art form and cultural experience.

Alors, on danse?

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